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Relationship Counselling - Here's How it Could Help You

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship Counselling can cover a broad range of topics. Our entire lives are based on the relationships we have and are able to maintain. Most people think of this type of therapy as something for couples to have some sort of intimate relationship. But that is not always the case. Sometimes the relationships we need help with are with our friends, our family, and those who we may not even have much contact with.

couples therapy

Truth is, relationship counselling deals with the way we respond and nurture the relationships in our lives. So that being said, relationship counselling is not always two people, sometimes it's simply one person who feels that they are unable to maintain any of the relationships in their life.

Relationship Counselling - Couples

Relationship counselling for couples, or sometimes rather known as couples counselling, is a great way to help identify and develop ways of fixing some of the issue you and your significant other are experiencing. It allows a third party view of the situation and allows for that professional to listen and voice what they believe some of the main issue are and how they could perhaps be fixed.

Does Couples Counselling Work?

Of course! Now, some people may experience different results than others, and that will depend on different factors such as your openness to accept help and the extent of the problems you are experience. In addition, a therapist will try to distinguish whether or not you and your partner are even compatible in the first place.

How Often Do We Need Couples Counselling?

The frequency of you sessions will of course depend on the extent of the issue you might be experiencing. Some couples come to relationship counselling and seem to work things out in only 1 or 2 sessions. On the other hand, some need many more sessions before they can begin to find solutions to their problems. So in summary, it depends!

Is Relationship Counselling Awkward?

relationship therapy

Many couples sway away from relationship counselling because they believe it will be weird, awkward or just uncomfortable in general. Truth is, at first, you may feel a bit uncomfortable with the whole process, but trust assured, as soon as you begin to talk and chat about what's going on, you will likely lose those feelings very quickly. The therapist you're working with is going to be highly trained to make you feel comfortable and allow you to open up about what's going on.

Most therapists have lots of experience in the field and know exactly how to lower your feelings of discomfort and get you in a space where you feel good about opening up and talking.

How do I Know When I Need Couples Counselling?

Many couples have trouble knowing exactly when it is that they could benefit from relationship counselling. Many either believe either their relationship isn't bad enough for counselling, it's embarrassing to go to counselling, or they just don't think it will work.

relationship counselling

Every couple could likely benefit in some way, and it is in no way embarrassing to attend a therapy session! Even if you believe you have a healthy relationship, it can be beneficial to just talk to someone every once in awhile. Additionally, counselling can be completely anonymous and no one needs to know.

Lastly, it won't work if you don't even try. If you know other couples who have done it, you could ask how it was. Or you can see lot's of anonymous reviews online about how it helped and that will help you to decide further.


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