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The foundation of the therapeutic process is to build trust, understanding, and connection. As your therapist, it is my goal to learn your story and build awareness in the present moment between us, so that the healing process can begin.

My decision to pursue counselling as a career came from a strong desire to support others, and that is exactly what I will do through every stage of the process - support you.

While I was in university, my passion for helping and supporting others grew when I worked for an NGO helping girls in Kenya get a better education. I knew I was lucky to be studying political science and Anthropology at the time, and wanted to work in the humanitarian field to help others gain access to the education and privileges I was lucky to have.

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Throughout my life, I dealt with my own issues, and saw many others struggle in situations that were worsened due to a lack of support. I discovered that I could help people by being a support system and by creating a safe and inclusive environment to heal and grow in.

Coming from an Indian background, I have personally dealt with mental health stigma, and know how damaging stigma and lack of support can be. As a young man, I was certainly told to “suck it up” which led me to recognize that gender and identity can add to the complex nature of trying to navigate our mental health struggles. Being told to ignore your issues, or that you can’t be who you want to be only causes feelings of anxiety to be worse. It is my goal as a therapist to facilitate change in the way we treat others and ourselves, and to help my clients work through any issues they may be facing in a safe and inclusive environment that is free of stigma and judgement.

My Approach

Every person has a unique philosophy, lived experience, and relationship to the world - but what all my clients have agreed with is that they're ultimately seeking a person-centred approach. As a counsellor, I am open-minded, compassionate, honest, and focused on helping you overcome the obstacles that are interfering with your potential. I believe that every person has the ability to overcome, heal, and creatively shape their life. With the tools you will gain in our sessions, tough days will feel easier and goals will become clear and achievable. I believe that having a safe, non-judgmental, and empathetic place to explore your needs is the perfect starting point for change. I have worked with a wide array of clients of many ages and cultures to support them through life’s challenges. Contact me today if you would like to work with a person-centred, strength-based counsellor who wants to help you step into your wellness and tap into your greatness.

  • Anger Management

  • Antisocial Personality 

  • Anxiety

  • Behavioural Issues

  • Career Guidance

  • Child or Adolescent

  • Coping Skills

  • Family Conflict 

  • Grief

  • Life Transitions

  • Peer Relationships

  • School Issues

  • Self-Harming

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Sleep or Insomnia

  • Spirituality

  • Stress

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • Teen Violence 

  • Video Gaming 

  • Weight Loss 

  • Racial Identity 

  • Relationship Issues

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What I specialise in:

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Men's Issues

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Qualifications & Certifications:

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British Columbia / 2774

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Stenberg College

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Year Graduated


About Me

Vikram Saggu, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC), BA

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