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Online Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is focused on helping to create a better relationship between you and your partner. Your therapist will use the Gottman Institute Method in your couples therapy sessions to bring you and your partner closer and ultimately have the best relationship of your life!

There is never a wrong time to book an appointment for couples therapy - you can ask for the help of a counsellor at any step of a relationship. Whether you are a new couple, starting a new stage of your life, or have been together for many years, it is always a good idea to work on your relationship and improve your communication.

At Next Level Counselling, we offer couples therapy online to help you with your busy schedule. Many people search for “Couples Therapy near me” - but with online counselling, your therapist is always accessible and available to you. Your therapist will help you determine what the best fit for you and your partner is. Let's chat for a free couples therapy consultation.

What is Online Couples Therapy?

Seeking therapy on your own or with your partner can seem scary or intimidating. But it is totally normal to need or want help building better relationships. To make it easier for you and your partner, we provide all the information you need to know what to expect. So, what is couples therapy, and what does a couples therapy session look like? There are many different strategies and techniques that go into couples therapy sessions. Here are some things to expect in your sessions:

Putting words to your feelings

Your Next Level Counselling therapist will help you to choose the right words to express your feelings. Couples therapy can help a lot with any communication issues within a couple.

Let’s talk about the past


Some say that to know where you are going, you must know where you have been. Talking about your past will help you both understand why you are afraid of something or why certain behaviours are problematic for you. Working on your past can help to solve problems that are affecting your future

Finding Solutions to your problems


The goal is to fix some of the issues you have to restore or help the relationship evolve. During our couples therapy session, we make sure to focus on finding solutions to some of the problems that brought you to therapy.

Giving You The Tools To Succeed

At Next Level Counselling, we use Couples Therapy Exercises and provide you with the right couples therapy techniques to fix your relationship. Whether it’s anger management, problem-solving skills, or anything else, we can help. If we do not have the resources to help, we will point you in the right direction!

Why Should You Get Couples Therapy?

So many benefits can come from therapy, and definitely from couples therapy. There is a lot to gain and little to lose from getting couples therapy. Relationship Therapy opens a dialogue to revisit some of the habits and break the unhealthy habits of your relationship. We have listed some of the ways couples therapy in Burnaby can be helpful and healthy for your relationship:

Your Roles


Couples therapy in Burnaby can help you to take a good look at your relationship to see the roles that you are playing. If these roles or dynamics are unhealthy, it can help you to modify these roles or at least acknowledge them. It can help you to express what you expect from the other person as well.



Money is one of the most common sources of disputes in a relationship. Taking the time to sit down in a safe environment to talk about income and spending with transparency can be really beneficial.



If you have kids and you do not see eye to eye on how to raise them, or if you are not on the same page about having kids, couples therapy can help.



We can help with problems coming from the family unit as well. At Next Level Counselling, we are also happy to offer family therapy services.

Intimacy Issues


If you have any issues regarding infidelity, intimacy in general, or you are seeking to improve your physical and sexual relationship, couples therapy is the place to start working on it. It will give you a safe space to share your feelings and your expectations, and ultimately, help you have a happier and healthier relationship

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