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Counselling Services: 4 Myths About Counselling & Therapy

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Counselling Services

Counselling services can be very beneficial in solving underlying issues involved in your

individual life, your relationships, or even within your family. During a counselling session,

whether it is individual, couples, or family counseling, you are able to verbally discuss problems

or issues with a professional who will then help you to find solutions or come to realizations

and get you on a happier and healthier path moving forward.

Although beneficial, many people are still hesitant to commit to counselling or therapy due to

many misconceptions concerning counselling. We’ve managed to debunk a few of these

misconceptions below.

A Counselor Does Not Know me, Therefore Cannot Help

It’s seen way too often that people decide not to commit to counselling services because they

believe the counselor will not be able to help due to them not knowing everything about you.

This is simply not true. Although a counselor will not know every single detail about your life,

they will put effort into understanding the key components and using their professional

expertise to offer genuine help or insights.

In contrast to a family member or someone who may know a lot more about you, a counselor

will have a completely unbiased viewpoint and therefore, be able to help you in ways that most

people you already know would not be able to.

Utilizing Counselling Services Shows You’re Weak

It’s quite the opposite actually! When you commit to and follow through with counselling

services, you are realizing there is an issue and show tremendous amounts of strength by

confronting the problems in your life. Attending counselling sessions and being able to open up

to others shows great vulnerability, which is the first step towards moving forward. You should

never be scared to show vulnerability but rather be proud and feel a sense of growth.

Counselling Service Are Only for Extreme Cases

Counselling services can indeed help those in extreme situations but this doesn’t always have to

be the case. It can be there for you whether you’re going through something minor or have

something big going on in your life. In addition, many people see counselling services as a fix to

a problem or issue, but it could also be seen as a service that can be utilized as a preventative

practice. Counselling can help you, no matter how big, small, crazy, normal, or weird you think

your specific situation might be.

I’ve Tried Counselling Services and They Didn’t Work, Guess I’ll Give Up

This should never be the case. There are lots of counselling services out there, and just because

you tried one, does not mean the process doesn’t work. Sometimes you just need to find a

counselor who is able to connect with you in the right way. You can typically get a good idea of

the specific counselor and if they’re going to be a good fit for you before following through with

a session.

Next Level Counselling Services

If you’re looking for more information on counselling services for your relationship, your family, or you as an individual, give Next Level Counselling a call today. We can get you on the right

path towards becoming the best you can be. Don’t hesitate, reach out today!

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